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"Wir bei Beggars Deutschland nutzten die Promojukebox schon seit 2009 und sind mit dem Service extrem zufrieden. Mittlerweile konnten wir sogar unsere englischen Kollegen überzeugen, den Service auch zu nutzen. Sicher und effizient ist das. Und wenn wir mal mit einem Verbesserungsvorschlag kommen, stossen wir auch immer auf offene Ohren."
Birgit Heuzeroth
General Manager, Beggars Group Germany
"Wir bei verstärker nutzen pump bzw www.promojukebox.com schon von Anfang an und sind sehr zufrieden. Es erlaubt uns, schnell, flexibel, zielgerichtet und sicher unseren Medienpartnern Musik zur Verfügung stellen zu können. Dies, gepaart mit der einfachen Handhabung und den überschaubaren Kosten sowie der permanenten Weiterentwicklung des Angebots, macht es zu einem wichtigen Tool und Bestandteil unserer täglichen Arbeit."
Sven Städtler
Head of PR, verstärker Medienmarketing GmbH
"Ich arbeite sehr gerne mit Promojukebox, da das System für mich als Promoterin aber auch für die Medienpartner einfach zu bedienen ist. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn sich die Branche auf ein digitales Bemusterungssystem einigen könnte - Promojukebox wäre ideal dafür."
Susanne Beck
"We've been using your servicing for all our new releases and think it works great!"
Kay Quartararo
Kanine Records
"Great system :)"
Bailey Sattler
Grandstand Media & Management
"Awesome service from an efficient and attentive team. PJB keeps our campaigns organized, even though our desktops aren't."
Jazz Atkin
"Since finding promo jukebox I've used it for servicing every single one of my records… no leaks yet! I love it."
Dean Bein
True Panther Sounds
"Promo Jukebox has become the standard for getting our music heard in a secure way and has saved us all that money in manufacturing and shipping. All with less worries about leakage."
Adam Farrell
Loma Vista Recordings
"Unbeatable service from Promo Jukebox..."
Jo Bagenal
XL Recordings
"We are very happy with the Promo Jukebox system, as are the various PR people we work with who also use it on behalf of our artists."
Ben Wileman
"The Promo Jukebox service has helped protect our key releases from leaking in advance of release, as well as allowed us to efficiently and securely service our global parters."
Patrick Ross
Head of Digital Marketing, UK, AWAL & Kobalt Label Services
"Thanks for your service on PromoJukeBox – we LOVE it!"
Chloé van Bergen
Partisan Records
"Great service!"
Alison Rogers
"PromoJukebox is the BEST! Gunnar and Alex are top top blokes - always available to ease speed of use and have helped us every step of the way."
Cool Badge
"For the record - I love PromoJukebox."
Darryl Weeks
StageFright Publicity
"Thanks for an awesome product. You guys are great."
David Marek
"User friendly, secure and, importantly, the writers like it too. Promo Jukebox plays an important part in our daily work."
James Parrish
PR manager, Prescription PR
"We LOVE your service - it's been so easy and efficient to send out digital watermarks of our most recent releases! "
Amanda Suriani
Downtown Records
"I do use your system via my clients though and it works well for me!"
Matt Dixon
"PromoJukebox has made my life so much easier. It's so convenient for publicists to send music in a matter of seconds to journalists who are on tight deadline. An awesome tool for the music biz!"
Christine Morales
"We do love the program!"
Ramona Mark
Loma Vista Recordings
"Fantastic system & the B2B service has been first class from you guys, thanks!"
Craig Caukill
"We are using promo jukebox since about 2 years and we are really happy with it. The workflow is easy and fast. Every campaign has been successful."
Florian Grummes
CEO, Cyron Music
"Promo Jukebox quickly became essential in our daily promotion work. The tool is perfect the way it is, don’t go changing."
Sander Graumans
Promo Manager Belgium, PIAS [BE]
"I find the Promo Jukebox System very useful and user friendly."
Maaike Vonk
Manager Marketing & Creative, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT
"it's a pleasure to work with the promo jukebox."
Aldo Perotti
"We just started using Promo Jukebox and the benefits are immediately apparent. It is going to drastically cut down our promo mailing costs and is a quick and easy way to get music sent out to people."
Seth Hubbard
Polyvinyl Record Co.
"PJB has provided a flexible and user-friendly solution for our extensive and often complex promo needs. Our partners love it too."
Mark Meyer
International Project Manager, PIAS [UK]
"I do LOVE Promo Jukebox!"
Shira Knishkowy
Director of Publicity, Partisan Records / KFR / Figure Eight Media
"Love it!"
Johann Assouline
Digital Manager, naive
"The whole Cooperative team is very happy to be working with PJB. Our music is always being looked after, and we’ve found the service very easy to use. The PJB team is also very helpful, and very friendly. Recommended!"
Johanna Giudice
[PIAS] Cooperative Music
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